How to Attract Non-Profit Support with Print Design


Clear and concise communication of your brand and mission is critical for non-profit organizations—especially those that rely upon the generosity of donors and volunteers. One surefire way for non-profits to attract more financial and human capital support is to revisit their marketing materials and brand messaging. Does your collateral clearly communicate the problem that your organization tackles? Does it clearly outline what support your organization needs and the beneficial outcomes of such support? If not, then maybe you could benefit from a fresh new take on your branding. Here’s are some ways that new collateral helped our clients:

Using Images to Tell a Story

No Project6 case study encapsulates the power of quality images than The Global Philanthropy Forum (GPF). GPF is a network of philanthropists and investors who are committed to advancing international causes. Project6 updated their print materials to include vivid images of the locations and people that they serve through their organizations projects. It is one thing to hear about a certain population of people and it’s another to see a stunning photo of their previous living conditions juxtaposed next to their conditions after intervention. These images compel action because they add validity and clarity to the marketing message.

Using Design to Explain a Problem

Did you know that redwood trees are at risk because of urbanization, habitat fragmentation, pollution, invasive species, and climate change? This is the problem that Project6 client Save the Redwoods wanted to spread awareness about. We helped by completely updating their print design and brand messaging to be consistent, clear, and concise. The organization now has a much easier time explaining the key problems that it tackles and how donor support can help.

Founded in 2001, Project6 Design is an award-winning graphic design firm committed to using intuitive design to shape brands and solve complex usability problems.  By collaborating with clients, we help them portray their brand’s story and communicate it in a clear and compelling way.  For high-quality brand, print or web design services, contact the top San Francisco design agency.


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