Designing a Website to Reflect the Quality of a High-end Company


Branding Agency

Another interesting and challenging project for our team was to design and build a website that now perfectly represents a reputable, high-end speaker company.  Committed to bringing beautiful sound as well as design to every room of a home, SpeakerCraft produces a wide range of custom installation speakers and innovative sound solutions.  Their line of products includes in-wall and in-ceiling hi-fidelity audio speakers.

SpeakerCraft, which is a part of the Core Brands family, brought the Project6 Design team in to update an old website.  They wanted it to not only highlight the quality of their products but to make it easier for visitors to navigate and find the information they needed.  Their earlier website required manual updates so many of the listings were out of date and important dealer information was difficult to find.  Another big problem with the site was it was not mobile responsive so they were missing out on serving a much broader audience.

Project6’s tasks included developing a customizable design system that used a Drupal CMS.  By incorporating longer scrolling pages with a flexible modular system, the design allows site’s administrators to easily update and edit content.   In addition the fully mobile-friendly website provides a consistent experience regardless of what device a user is on.  The end result is a clean, elegant website that conveys the SpeakerCraft brand’s true nature.

Please visit Project6’s website to learn more about our SpeakerCraft project along with our other successful projects.  We have experience working with high-tech, retail, educational and nonprofit organizations and would love the opportunity to help your business with our wide range of excellent graphic design services.

Project6 Design, founded in 2001, is an award-winning graphic design firm committed to using intuitive design to shape brands and solve complex usability problems. We collaborate with clients to help them portray their brand’s story and to communicate it in a clear and compelling way.  For the best brand, print or web design services, contact Project6, the leading San Francisco design agency.


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