A Brand, Print and Web Redesign for High-tech Cloud Service Company

Brand Design

At Project6 Design we provide clients with comprehensive services that include strategy, branding, and print materials as well as website design and development.  One of our recent high tech clients was Zetta, which is a company founded in 2008 by a group of Internet pioneers for the purpose of advancing innovation in the cloud and creating better data protection.  Today Zetta’s client base has grown to over 1,600 customers who rely on the company’s enterprise backup & disaster recovery solutions to keep their mission-critical data safe from disaster.

Zetta turned to the experts at Project6 for help in updating a website that had grown organically over time and was communicating mixed messages in both tone and visual hierarchy.   Even their brand identity, created by the original founders, was out-of-date and in need of a professional retooling.  Our task began by doing a thorough analysis of Zetta’s brand personality in order to determine its true character.

Working closely with Zetta, we established a new identity that reflects the company’s promise of continuous access to business-critical data and applications with a memorable “Z” logo that mimics a continuous up and down flow of data.  Our team also studied the site’s information architecture and took care to ensure our new site structure would address the needs of Zetta’s target audience.

We incorporated the latest web technology into their site beginning with Drupal 8 web design as well as Saas, Bootstrap, CRM integration, animated SVG icons, and Marketo.  In addition we used responsive development, a parallax image display and fixed header to allow constant access to business critical CTA.  All in all, the company achieved brand consistency with a new identity that included brand design, trade show booth and marketing collateral as well as a responsive, easy-to-navigate website.  Please visit Project6 Design’s website to learn more about our comprehensive graphic design services.

Founded in 2001, Project6 Design is an award-winning graphic design firm committed to using intuitive design to shape brands and solve complex usability problems. We collaborate with clients to help them portray their brand’s story and to communicate it in a clear and compelling way.  For the best brand, print or web design services, contact Project6, the leading San Francisco design agency.

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