Trust the Experts to Put a Creative Spin on Web Design

San Francisco Design Agency

Project6 Design provides complete design services suitable for virtually any communication challenges for a broad range of industries including high-tech, retail, healthcare, education and non-profit organizations. With a reputation for award-winning designs and UI/UX expertise, clients turn to us to help them portray their brand’s story as well as to solve usability problems and drive business results.

One of our recent successes was to redesign the website for Sindeo, a progressive mortgage lending corporation that offers “a better way to get a mortgage.” Their twist on modern mortgage lending allows a potential home buyer to apply just once for a mortgage, and then shop for more than a thousand loans in the course of a few minutes.

This approach to shopping for mortgages demands an effective, efficient website, and our team’s task was to redesign the site to make it accessible to anyone exploring home ownership. To fully understand Sindeo’s needs and what they hoped to accomplish with their new site, we began the process by collaborating with their development team.

The project involved designing the new website around a tight grid system to provide easy implementation. By using video throughout the site as a strong story-telling tool, we were able to illustrate the positive feelings associated with homeownership. Overall the redesign invites users to learn more about Sindeo’s unique approach to obtaining a mortgage.

This is just one example of the creative methods we use to tell a company’s story. Please visit our website to learn more about Project6 Design and read about our other “success stories.” Our expertise includes brand strategy, branding, print design, graphic design, web design, user interface design, information architecture, WordPress, Drupal CMS, and web development.

Founded in 2001, Project6 Design is an award-winning graphic design firm committed to using intuitive design to shape brands and solve complex usability problems. We collaborate with clients to help them portray their brand’s story and to communicate it in a clear and compelling way. For the best brand, print or web design services, contact Project6, the leading San Francisco design agency.

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